What is a website you should learn

What is a website you should learn

Hello learners, today we will discuss the website. What is the website? How can we open the website? How can we make a website? What is the profit for having a responsive website? what is the responsive website? Is it compulsory for business or for an individual? All the questions we will discuss here to clarifying all the doubts of you.

What is a website you should learn

Firstly we will talk about “what is the website?” so the website is a digital place where you can find all the things on a relevant website i.e. It is a bundle or collection of webpages called website. A website has many webpages with categories tags, about us, contact us, pages. I hope now you have understood “what is the website?” But you have to think about one thing that if someone has only one page that’s called web page only. And if someone has a lot of webpages in one digital palace called website.

You can see here some examples that what is the difference between webpages and websites then let’s distinguish between them-

Different between webpage and what is a website

Webpage Website
It is a small part of a website. It is a collection of webpages.
If a website is a book then webpages are chapters It is a complete book
Webpage’s general format-
Author LastName, FirstName. “Title of the Web Page.” Name of the Site.  
Name of institution/organization affiliated with the site (sponsor or publisher), date of resource creation (if available). Web. Date of access.
website’s general format-
Editor, author, or compiler name (if available). Name of Site. Name of institution/organization affiliated with the site (sponsor or publisher), date of resource creation (if available). Web. Date of access.
Live Example for the Webpages-webpage Live example of the website- Amazon

How can you Define is this a webpage or not?

Before we have discussed the webpages and their relevant things now we have to define how can we recognize and define the webpages. Now we will take an example here. the example of the webpage is tryootech about us page.

when you click on this link you will find such as the surface –

What is a website you should learn
Url Screenshot

You can see here” /about-us” is a webpage that listed on the website tryootech.com

What is the website

This webpage contains many things according to their categories this website “tryootech.com” is a technology blog owned by the “Amit Mishra”. Here You can see-

  1. The website logo
  2. Menu header
  3. The webpage title “about-us”
  4. Sider of the website

What is a website you should learn

Every webpage must be a part of the website so the website logo is compulsory for the webpages it makes your webpages very uniques and impressive for the users. Through logo users recognize the website name and website owner and about all things on the websites.

Menu Header

The second thing is that there is a menu header that navigates you on the other webpages if you are interested in any of them. Like you have read the about us webpage now you want to check other webpages like “start a blog ” then you will click on the menu “start the blog” and you will be redirected to another web page named by “start a blog”. The header menu is the compulsory part of the website.

Webpage title “about us”

This the title section of the website where you can set your web pages titles like “about us”, “contact us” and Home page, etc.

The sidebar of the website

If you want to add extra links and advertisement you can add those things on the sidebar of the website if you want otherwise you can set your webpage to full width then you will never get the sidebar option. If we discuss on tryootech sidebar we can see one advertisement and the second about the author, like this sidebar you can add on your web page’s sidebar.

I hope now you have understood about the webpages and the website, and what is the difference between them.

How to open a website

Yeah I know it’s dumb topic to write about how to open the website but we have to write this thing due to our web page’s title. So firstly you must have a smart device or laptop or maybe a computer and on all these devices install one browser whatever you want like Mozilla and chrome then you paste the URL(uniform resource locator) on the web browser search bar then click enter or search. After clicking enter website will appear in front of you. Now you are viewing the website like this article you are reading now.

Now we will discuss the types of websites

What is a website you should learn

Types of websites

There are many types of websites here are some types included understanding you better about the websites and their categories.

  1. Blog
  2. Business
  3. Dating
  4. E-commerce
  5. Entertainment
  6. Portfolio
  7. Media
  8. Brochure
  9. Educational
  10. personal
  11. Web portal
  12. Wiki or community forum

Blog Website

A blog is a website that is created by any individuals to make some money from their blogs. A blog can be interest-based like if you have an interest in the tech you can write a blog on your blogging website related to your interest and can make money easily if you want. There are many blogs website on the internet such as Tryootech is a tech blogging website and also ShoutmeLoud.com

what is the website
Blog Example

What is a website you should learn

Business Website

A business website represents a particular business which is existing in the store or a physical place. The main aim of making the business website is, Building custom audience or users related to their business or to be a professional business owner. If you are business and you do not have a business website then the customer thinks like you are not a professional and they will leave you.

An E-commerce website is also a business website and it is possible to make a business without selling anything it can be for direct contact or maybe some representation according to their business type. Our website is also a business and blog type website.

what is the website
Business type


A dating website is a website that is created for dating. On these types of websites, couples meet each other and date to each other in a physical place. Example of this type of website- tinder or may be quack-quack and maybe other.

What is a website you should learn


An E-commerce website is a type of business website which is created for millions of products selling in one day. An E-commerce website has multiple vendors who sell its product through the e-commerce website. There are many examples of e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, or maybe others.

E-commerce website
E-commerce website amazon

Entertainment website

These websites are dedicated to entertainment or entertainment only. There are many entertainment websites which we called OTT. These are –

  1. Netflix
  2. Zee5
  3. Hotstar
  4. AltBalaji
  5. Mx player
Entertainment website


These websites are dedicated to an individual or companies past work representation which is done by them. on these websites, they will upload their past clients’ reviews what clients say about their service and for their work and on these websites, all the past works will be published to show the new clients that our work or services really pretty awesome and best service in the world so that they can acquire a new customer.


These websites are news websites. on those websites, we can easily read the news or may watch the new video on these websites. You will be very familiar with these kinds of websites. Some example of these types of websites-

  1. aajtak.in
  2. News18india.in
  3. Ndtv.in
  4. ABplivenews.in
  5. lallantop.com

or maybe more website that publishes news articles on a daily basis

what is the website

What is a website you should learn

Brochure websites

some business owner wants to make a business website but they do not want to spend more on the website so they build the brochure website for their business information. This type of website has some webpages for the information of the business whatever they are doing right now.

Brochure website type
Brochure Websites


The educational website is for only educational content from where we can learn and can take classes or live online through educational websites. If you are in India then you will definitely familiar with unacedamy of if not then do not worry you definitely listen about the coursera, simplilearn, Udemy, or udacity. These websites are educational type websites.

Educational type website
Educational type website Unacademy


This website is only for personal views and who want to spread their thought process in the world. On these websites, only personal articles or pic and views will upload.

Personal Website type
Personal website

Web portal

web portal builds by the organization or company for their employees with their unique user id password. So they can access it from anywhere. They use the intranet for their internal services.

website type in web portal
web portal Stanford university

Wiki or community forum websites

These websites are built only to help the people with their questions and their doubts like Wikipedia is a wiki website. There are millions of the article on Wikipedia. A community forum website can quora.com.

website type in wiki
Wiki website

What is a website you should learn

What is a website you should learn
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